An Escherichia coli genetic reference panel

A resource for genotype to phenotype analysis

Following the example of other extremely successful genetic reference panels (e.g. Drosophila, Arabidopsis, Yeast and Human) we are presenting here a similar resource for the bacterial kingdom.

Bacterial species are notoriously very plastic in their genomes and can diverge substantially in a very short evolutionary timespan. On the other hand they can be very easily manipulated in a laboratory setting, making them ideal for the interrogation of the broad genotype-to-phenotype problem.

We are extremely grateful to the people who kindly provided the strains that are part of Ecoref (in alphabetical order, font-size proportional to number of strains contributed)

We also would like to thank the following strains collections

Please refer to the strains table for the relevant publications

Extensive phenotyping

This website presents the phenotypic data generated across the members of the panel. In its current state it comprises high-throughput phenotypic data across 214 conditions. As soon new molecular and phenotypic data will be produced it will be included here, which will help improving our understanding of the impact of genetic variability on phenotypes.

Get involved

We are particularly keen in other people having access to the panel (or parts of it) for further phenotypic and molecular measures or any other kind of experiments. Please refer to the strains table for the specific requirements of each member of the panel (MTA, BSL level, contact person, etc..).

We also very much welcome proposals for collaborations and other inquiries, such as contributing new strains to the collection; please do get in touch with us.